MN-08: Cravaack Campaign Crying Crocodile Tears Over Nolan Ads

“He doesn’t even live here”

Former Congressman Rick Nolan and an Iron Range steelworker uttered those simple words about Chip Cravaack in recent tv ads and in doing so triggered what can only be described as a tantrum en masse from supporters of Cravaack. And the Cravaack campaign immediately began whining about that statement being “an outright lie”, firing off indignant letters to media outlets demanding the ads be pulled.

Their indignation absolutely reeks of crocodile tears.

Two years ago, that very same statement was not only directed at Rep Jim Oberstar, but was a central theme in Chip Cravaack’s campaign against the Iron Range native. And Chip even argued the test of where one lives is where their kids go to school. Here’s Chip in an interview making those points:

And unlike Nolan and the steelworker, Cravaack didn’t stop there. In this interview, Chip goes after Oberstar’s family, makes some pretty strong allegations about the Range native’s ties to the district, and argues that just because Oberstar owns a home in Chisholm that doesn’t mean he lives here:

Well isn’t that special?

And it gets better. In an October 23 2012 interview with the Brainerd Dispatch, Cravaack is STILL making that claim, this time in a rather bizarre defense to Range native Nolan’s emphasis of his 4th generation roots in the district:

Cravaack rejected the contention of his opponent, Rick Nolan, that the DFLer has a better perspective to represent the district because he’s lived here longer and because Cravaack’s family moved to another state for reasons related to his wife’s profession and other family concerns. “It’s a hollow argument that doesn’t resonate,” he said of Nolan’s statement. “Jim Oberstar lived out of the district for decades. I’m taking care of my family.”


Does this make sense to anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Chip Cravaack and his campaign are truly delusional if they think they can sneak this one by voters in northern Minnesota. Even MPR predicted this issue would come back to haunt him after moving his family to New Hampshire:

As someone who ran accusing Democrat Jim Oberstar of being out of touch with the 8th District, it’s probably fair to assume the Democrats who want to run against him in 2012 may have a few things to say about the New Hampshire homestead.

Your crocodile tears are fooling no one, Chip.

It’s over. Go home to New Hampshire. Go.

The Nolan Campaign ad can be viewed here

The DFL ad can be viewed here

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