The Emergence of Man Through Steel

By Veda Ponikvar

They toiled with purpose. These miners of ours… moving tons of iron ore for massive steel towers.

This devotion to a nation, they adopted as one, makes the heritage of the iron range foremost ‘neath the sun.

The legend lives. They were the “Iron Men” who dug the mines and contributed to the building and expansion of this country, during an industrial age. They helped to provide the iron needed when freedom was threatened.

Today, as the industrial age ebbs, and the technological age advances, the Iron Men are honored with a shrine that tells us they will never be forgotten. The magnificent sculpture evokes strength and embodies past history and ensures continued remembrance of the “Iron Men.”

Look at the contentment in the chiseled face, and you will see the soul of all the Iron Men who ever were.

This statute, the third largest free-standing memorial in the United States, is a lasting tribute to the Mesabi, Vermilion, Cuyuna and Gogebic ranges’ men of steel, who carved out of a sylvan wilderness the iron ore that made America the industrial giant of the world.

They shall live forever!
Yes, the Iron Man lives.

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